In 1993 a little store known as Kleins Perfumery made its home on Brunswick St. Fitzroy. Kleins was one of Australia’s very first artisanal perfumeries and was treasured by both locals and tourists alike. The shop became a destination and was described by Vogue Magazine as a ‘must stop scent-sational store’.

After three decades, the founder – Andrea Birnie – decided it was time to hand over the store keys to her staff in order to pursue developing her own product offering. 

Kleins' first foray into making product was a range of bath and body care which featured pictures taken by Australian photographer, Rennie Ellis. The photographs captured in the 70’s and 80’s depicted wild and free images of surfies, sharpies, panel vans and graffiti. 

The limited range of Rennie products was a sell-out success. It was time for a new project.

Our new collection is a range of new and curious scents where the contemporary talents of both artist and perfumer draw from each other. The concentrated roll-on Perfume Oils are available both online and through select stores. 

So come, join us in our continued olfactive journey as we sniff and smell our way through the next decade