Hi Guys,

Thanks so much for the prompt despatch of my order(s). As a Melbourne-ite living in Sydney, I love that I can still buy at your store, as I used frequent it often when I lived in Melb. I could go mad buying everything, but I have to reign myself in. Thanks again.

- Steph


Thankyou so much - order arrived today, beautifully wrapped and so fast! Also, love the little samples. Really appreciate the service and will tell everyone I know, sometimes it is really hard to get lovely things in Apollo Bay, but you have solved that problem for me! Thanks again from the coast.

- Anne


Thank you, I received my shipment yesterday, and am v.happy with the expediency of my order, also thank you for the lovely 'gifts' included in the package. Cheers

- Alena


Just a quick thank you so say I received my order today. The attention to detail with the packaging, wrapping and stickers was to die for! I am an internet shopaholic and Kleins is up there with the best... I will definitely be back to buy more more more! xxox

- Camille


Hi there, Just want to say thank you for all the little presents you've sent me. I felt like a little girl on Christmas day. Thanks a million!

- Carmen


If you are the ultimate "girly girl" or a bloke who isn't ashamed to take good care of his skin, it's almost certain that you have paid a visit to Kleins Perfumery. If not, shame on you! Kleins is absolute decadence. Sweet smelling perfumes, organic skin care and the absolute best for your body and hair - this place is heaven for those that appreciate little luxuries. The staff are very helpful, and are more than happy to give you a once-over and tell you what you're in need of (in the nicest possible way of course!) and explain to you exactly how to use it. I also highly recommend Kleins - Thank me later

- Jackie D


I do all the Christmas Shopping for my female friends and family at this shop. They have the most amazing range of perfumes, soaps, skin care and the like. I am a sucker for pretty things and beautiful packaging, which means I can spend hours in here just looking at all they have on offer. The staff are super helpful too, and they do gorgeous gift wrapping.

- Emily


What can I write that hasn't already been written???

Kleins Perfumery really is a pretty little gem in Brunswick Street and I still have to find the person that doesn't love it.

Not only is my one stop shop when it comes to presents, but it's also the kind of place that makes you forget about the rest of the world and just focus on your senses while browsing through the shelves.

The best thing is that it offers a wide range of top quality products but still manages to cater for every budget. Rest assured that you'll be able to find a sophisticated item even on the smallest budget.

Plus, the staff really know their products and relying on their expertise makes shopping at Kleins a personal and intimate experience. Something that no department store will ever be able to achieve.

- Chi B


I LUV the stuff I bought from your shop last week. Shipped it all back to Sydney, may have to buy from the website.

- Tricia


Well what can I say. Your parcel arrived today and you’ve made my Easter. To send me beautiful gifts (including the original item I was after) is one of the best examples of customer service I have experienced. (And I shop online A LOT).

I will be sure to tell all my friends how professional Kleins is.

- Nina


Hi Guys,

I came across your website when I was looking to replace a violet lip balm I love, which I had trouble finding.

The website and service is very friendly and I'm really glad to say you had the lip balm in stock!

Thanks so much for my order which came quickly and was beautifully wrapped. All the products are gorgeous and the samples such an unexpected treat.

I'm so glad I stumbled across you and will be back to visit again soon :-)


- Jane



My order arrived today and I wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation and of course the extra samples you included, it was a real WOW factor.

I will be shopping again!!

Until then, yours sincerely

- Robert


I LOVE Kleins perfumery - they do a STUNNING giftwrap if you ever want to buy a gift on-line.

- Anita



Just dropping you a note to say thank you for the fast delivery, received it yesterday, the day after ordering it.

Excellent service.

Also thank you so much for the samples, they were a pleasant surprise.


- Sandra


Thank you for sending my order so promptly. I placed the order on Sunday and received it yesterday. When I saw the pink box on my door step I knew exactly what it was.

As always, the items were wrapped beautifully which make me not want open the ones which were for me. There were a couple of gifts in my order as well, which are beautifully presented.

 Thanks again

- Simone


I googled "best perfumery melbourne" and came up with a few, that day I visited a couple... Kleins had the serious edge on the others. Why?? They have a beautiful approach to their customer service... out and out passion, you can tell they know and enjoy what they're talking about... and I thought it was just Will, but since going back again and again (it becomes addictive!) every staff member is so lovely... and all love to just help and educate me!! Definitely up on my fav list of things to do on my day off: visit Kleins!

- Mary


Hi there, 

I am a first-time customer to your site and I received the below order yesterday.

I just have to tell you that it was such a lovely surprise to see it arrive in a pink box (yes - small things excite me!), and then to receive the samples and find my order beautifully wrapped inside... it made my day.

Many thanks and I will definitely be purchasing again!

Kind regards,

- Louise


Today I received my parcel and as usual it was full of extra surprises. As an expat Melbournite I miss my regular visit to Klein's, however receiving such beautifully presented products in the mail certainly makes up for it.

Thank you and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

- Sharyn